Neuvoa Advisors gained a remarkable benefit by delegating time consuming marketing campaigns to a trustworthy remote service.

Neuvoa Advisors offers enterprise and capital arrangement consulting services. They help companies in obtaining financing, carrying out corporate acquisitions and re-organizing ownerships and company structures.

Regular marketing campaigns are used in Neuvoa Advisor’s new customer acquisition, and these are now delegated with Smoothly service.

Starting With the Service Was Easy and Smooth

Finding an employee as a service was seen as an easy and smooth way of getting additional help to taking care of regular marketing campaigns.

“Initially I never thought I would be the one taking care of marketing tasks. We should have found the right person for it, but finding and recruiting skilled people is not so easy. With Smoothly we got just the right person to run the regular marketing campaigns, which has been a really big deal”, tells the CEO of Neuvoa Advisors Mika Vauhkonen.

“Acquisition of new clients requires marketing campaigns, which takes a lot of time. We spent a lot of our own time confirming meetings and making sure the meetings were running as they should. We wanted to change this to release time for other tasks. In regards to that, everything has gone as expected or even better”, Mika describes his situation before starting Smoothly service.

According to Mika the starting with Smoothly service ran easily and smoothly: “Before starting with the Smoothly service I was wondering if the right type of a person could be found for us. In our business quality is important and everything must go fluently with our clients. It was great to notice that everything went very well and pretty soon we got to working with the actual tasks.”

Trustworthy and Skilled Remote Worker Impressed with Good Work

Mika says the use of the service is regular, but varies according to need: “The use of the service depends a lot on how many marketing campaigns are running. When the campaigns are active, more hours accumulate. In the gaps the need is lower.”

“The cooperation with the remote worker has gone well without any problems, because the workers wanted to learn what we do and how, and communicated actively.”

More Freetime and Promising Results

The cooperation kicked off fast and the results have been promising from the beginning according to Mika.

“We are very happy and will definitely continue using the service. We got exactly what was promised to us. What we were looking for and what we received was a very good fit.”

“The biggest benefit has been my own freetime that has gathered. We have gained financial easily measurable benefits, but also indirect profits as a result of being able to focus on running projects”,  Mika describes the benefits for their business.

Additionally Mika experiences the service to be useful also in the aspect of balancing work and freetime: “In addition to the business benefits I have gained more freetime outside of work, because often marketing types of tasks have been left to be completed on nights and weekends. Delegating them has released time in the evenings and weekends especially.”

“I can warmly recommend this service to other busy experts as well, because for us the service has been exactly what was promised and we have been very happy with it.”

Do you need a skilled remote worker to take care of your marketing tasks, so that your time is released to handle your core business? Your remote workers master prime content creation to the right channels at the right time and you can be sure that your company’s marketing processes are running effortlessly. Leave us a message and your specialists will contact you!