Mikko Mäki-Rahkola gained relief to his busy days by delegating tasks to Smoothly remote worker.

Mikko has been working as a software entrepreneur for a long time, and his daily work includes a lot to remember, administrative tasks and different projects.

Remote worker was acquired to help with the entrepreneur’s busy schedule and the challenges of fitting together business and family life.

Trustworthy and precise remote worker helping with different tasks

“Before starting with the Smoothly service I had doubts about how I can give tasks including confidential information to the remote worker and will the tasks be finished well and carefully enough. The trust in the remote worker and confidence that the tasks will be completed grew as the results started to show”, Mikko describes his thoughts about the beginning of the cooperation.

“I recommend describing the tasks very thoroughly in the beginning so that the remote worker doesn’t need to read your mind about how you want things done. The delegating itself becomes more and more efficient very fast.”

“The starting of the service was very flexible and fluent and the client’s needs were taken into account: at first I used the service 15-20 hours per month and now about 30-35 hours per month.”

Service that exceeded expectations and help to the haste

With the help of the Smoothly service Mikko has been able to focus better on his own client projects and has gained help with combining his busy work and family life.

“I have been very satisfied in how I have been able to eliminate routine tasks from my work days and have been able to focus more on my clients and my core skills. My remote worker has taken care of the tasks very well, sometimes even better than I could have done myself. In my best experience I have sent a message of a few lines about a task and in a couple of hours gotten back a plan which results in a wow-effect”, Mikko describes his experiences of the Smoothly service.

“Some of the tasks are small as individual tasks, but when there are hundreds of them, they take up a surprisingly big amount of time of the week. To me the biggest benefit is the sense of relief when I get to delegate all the time and effort of the tasks and remembering to someone else.”

“Before I used to have a list of things to remember and take care of in the back of my head, even though I was busy and didn’t have the energy. Now I have gained a peace of mind about the tasks being surely taken care of.”

More to gain, than to lose

Mikko recommends the Smoothly service warmly to all experts, entrepreneurs and small businesses.

“There’s a lot of tasks that are best to be completed yourself, but in addition there are a lot of routine work that should be taken care of by someone else, someone who probably completes them even better than you.”

“Acquiring a remote worker as a service is a good choice especially when haste is seasonal. The use of the service and the cost accordingly are flexible.”

“At least in my case the starting with the service depended a lot on my own courage. By trying out you of course have a chance to lose the monthly fee of the service and the time used in the starting process, but on the other hand when it works out you have a lot to gain.”

“I recommend everyone to try out the feeling that you get when everything is under control with someone else and you can focus on your actual work”, Mikko adds at the end of the interview.

Do you need a helping hand in supporting HR tasks, recruiting or administrative work such as billing? Delegate to a skilled remote worker the tasks that you don’t have time for, don’t know how to do or don’t want to do and focus on your core tasks. Leave a message and our specialist contacts you!