Frequently Asked Questions

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We at Smoothly are changing the way for professionals work by offering our revolutionary delegating service. 

With our service, we give entrepreneurs, experts, and teams of experts the possibility to focus on what they are at their best, and achieve more results at the same time. Smoothly digital service combines in an innovative way task management, task delegating and co-operation with the virtual work force.

An effective working hour is working time when your Smoothly remote assistant completes your supporting and routine tasks. You pay only for the effective working time, meaning the time that is needed to complete the tasks you have given – you don’t pay for coffee breaks or rolling thumbs!

Smoothly is located in Finland, the company is located in Espoo, Otakaari 5 A.

Smoothly uses efficient algorithm that helps to combine the customer’s needs and the most suitable remote assistant.

Starting the service is fast and easy – we connect you with the most suitable remote assistant within 24 hours. 

Your Account Manager maps out your tasks that need delegating and books with you a one-hour complimentary kick-off video meeting. In this kick-off meeting, you and your company representatives meet your designated remote assistant and your Account Manager. Together you will go through the delegated job description and the systems and tools needed to complete the given tasks. 

Smoothly is an excellent solution for all small companies or professional units of bigger organizations, that want to enhance company’s productivity and add the billable and productive working time of the professionals, without the hustle of HR and the responsibilities of an employer

Our customer companies are modern service providers in different industries, as in different consulting and professional tasks and producing software and digital solutions.

Smoothly agreement period is either an indeterminate monthly or an indeterminate yearly agreement, depending on the service package.

The pricing of Smoothly is based on the number of effective working hours – you pay only for effective working hours.

All Smoothly service packages are invoiced at the beginning of the month, and the amount is the minimum monthly amount of the package. After the monthly period Smoothly invoices the effective hours exceeding the minimum amount, based on the rate of the effective working hour.

You can delegate any supporting and routine tasks of your administration and marketing communications. 

Routine tasks include for example organizing calendars and meetings, delegating sales invoices, handling customer service tickets, supporting HR, reporting, and transcription. 

Supporting tasks of marketing communications include for example publishing and channel management in social media with the help of content calendar, producing blog posts, collecting mailing lists for newsletters and producing newsletters as well as sales and marketing presentations. 

The service is exactly for you, if

  • You are in the role of an expert, but you have to complete tasks that aren’t either your responsibility nor part of your work descriptions
  • You often continue working at home or during weekends
  • You have too many tasks, and therefore you are constantly busy and your work load often increases
  • You are stressful and worry often about not getting everything done
  • There are just too many things to remember
  • Work does’t feel good anymore and you don’t recover as well as you should

Smoothly’s invoicing period is monthly, and payment term 7 days.

You can easily add more remote assistants by contacting your Account Manager, who will then map out your needs and connect you with a remote assistant better fitting to your needs, without extra costs.


Remote assistants have their contracts with Smoothly, and Smoothly handles all responsibilities of an employer.

If the remote assistant gets sick, Smoothly will find a replacement as soon as possible, with now extra costs.

If the remote assistant is replaced during your co-operation, Smoothly will bring in another remote assistant of the same qualifications without any extra costs, and the old assistant will familiarise the new assistant to all the tasks, ensuring the smooth continuance of the co-operation.

Smoothly remote assistants work remotely, typically from their home offices and always using strong internet access.

Yes. Before starting the co-operation we will send you an NDA signed by your designated remote assistant(s).

All our employees go through a Smoothly training period, during which they are familiarised with all the necessary systems and tools. We also train our employees’ excellent customer service skills, for ensuring the best possible service experience for you.

Smoothly remote assistants in administrational duties have typically a degree in management assistance, HR and business economics as well as work experience in these fields.

Remote assistants working with supporting tasks of marketing are often academic students, studying marketing or communications, or have already gained work experience in the content producing and communication channels. 

The key to Smoothly’s success lies in the excellent recruiting and training system, wisely used technology for recruiting the right persons, and modern tools used in remote work.

All our employees go through a Smoothly training period, during which they are familiarised with all the necessary systems and tools. We also train our employees’ excellent customer service skills, for ensuring the best possible service experience for you.

Choosing the right employee is based on technology as well as in a large amount of sampling of our customer services. This way our search for the most suitable employees is very effective and of high-quality.


The remote assistant doesn’t need your equipment as all Smoothly remote assistants are using the latest tools and software. In case the job description requires separate equipment to be used, kindly inform us accordingly. 

The remote assistant needs access to those systems and tools that are required by the job description. The complimentary kick-off meeting is a perfect platform for sharing all tools, systems and other information.

Yes. Your Smoothly remote assistant is available every business day between 0900-1700 hrs and accepts tasks round the clock.

The efficient working hours are reported with the accuracy of one minute. Smoothly remote assistant monitors working time with a timer system that automatically logs in the completed working time, work description and date to your Smoothly Account. 

By signing in to your Smoothly Account you can see in real-time the efficient working time your remote assistant has completed and you can follow the total amount of working time. In addition, you can also keep your contacts and invoicing details up-to-date and contact your Smoothly Account Manager through the system. 

Delegating tasks and communication works as it does with the rest of your company’s employees. All Smoothly remote assistants handle the most common tools for communication and project management such as Slack, Microsoft Teams, Asana and Trello. 

In case you need any assistance in choosing the most suitable tool, kindly contact us

Smoothly connects you with a designated remote assistant or team that runs all support and routine tasks of your company cost-effectively.