Contribyte doubled the visitor count of their website and multiplied their following by delegating time consuming marketing campaigns to a Smoothly remote worker

Contribute helps product and service design companies to utilize their full potential by developing their digital business, coaching, training and changing the organization.

In their business Contribyte continuously uses marketing campaigns that are now delegated with Smoothly’s service.

Starting to use the service run effortlessly with familiar communication channels

“We were looking for extra help with our marketing and a skilled worker was found very quickly. Everything started working well fastly and Rosa picked up her job description nicely”, Henri describes his thoughts about starting to use the service.

“At first I wondered how the cooperation will kick off as the worker is working remotely. Everything went very well after all, because we had the chance to use communication channels we already knew (Slack) from the beginning.”

“When the assignments are clear enough, there is no reason for the cooperation not to work remotely.”

Less worries, more results

With Smoothly’s service Henri has been able to focus better on his work with his clients and the marketing has taken big steps forward.

“To us the most important aspect has been that we have someone who can keep the marketing rolling even when everyone of us have their own clients and busy schedules.”

“Rosa’s contribution has been really important and our visibility has grown, website visitor count has more than doubled and our following has taken a huge rise.”

“Additionally it’s had a remarkable effect on my own life that the worry about running the marketing is gone. Now I can trust that it’s running and working continuously.”

Do you need a helping hand in supporting HR tasks, recruiting or administrative work such as billing? Delegate to a skilled remote worker the tasks that you don’t have time for, don’t know how to do or don’t want to do and focus on your core tasks. Leave a message and our specialist contacts you!